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We are a team of linguists and language aficionados who are happy to take on any new translation challenges presented to us. You can rest assured that we have enough experience to carry out your project successfully in terms of quality and timeliness, without any unnecessary hassle for you. Our reward is your trust and satisfaction when the project is done.

The nature of our work is unfortunately such that we mostly communicate with you by electronic means, so if you wish, please visit us for a coffee in order to get to know us better and to see our working methods firsthand. The head office of Alkemist Translation Company is situated near at Kotnikova ulica 35, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Our company’s translation network extends to Maribor, Koper, Novo mesto, Kranj, Celje, Nova Gorica and elsewhere in Slovenia. Understanding languages is the key for success on international markets, which is why our translation services are also available in countries near us. On the Croatian market, we have Kristijan Novak, the head of the Zagreb Office of the Alkemist Translation Company and on the Serbian market, at our Belgrade Office, we have Marija Vidović and Marija Jestrić.

We feel that we are accomplishing something valuable through each new project. We want that everyone feels like they are a part of something bigger and more important, and for that reason, we have created the Alkemist Foundation that helps the disadvantaged and children in need. The Foundation is financed independently from our business activity – from each project that is carried out successfully.

Alkemist, prevajalske storitve, d. o. o.
Kotnikova ulica 35
1000 Ljubljana
Director: Saša Gorše
+386 (0) 40 77 77 98

Tel.: +386 (0) 1 51 41 678
Fax: +386 (0) 1 50 55 488
GSM: +386 (0) 40 77 77 02
E-mail: info@alkemist.si
URL: www.translation-alkemist.com

VAT ID No.: SI 18558585
Registration No.: 3423328000

About the company’s name:

Is the company’s name spelt correctly? Weren’t alchemists the ones who wanted to turn base metals into gold or silver?

The name is spelt correctly, though many link our name to alchemy (“alkimija” in Slovenian) and therefore wonder if we have made a mistake by spelling it Alkemist instead of Alkimist.

Alchemy was the precursor to modern day chemistry that appeared in the Middle Ages. Alchemists used miraculous procedures to try to turn base metals into precious gold.

Alkemist is a proper name for a company in accordance with Article 19 of the Public Use of the Slovene Language Act (Official Gazette of the RS, No. 86/04), which states that a company name may be a new or invented word. When we were deciding on a name, alchemy served as inspiration, but because we convert words from one language to another, we invented a new word, alkemija, and gave it our own meaning.

Let us make clear that here at Alkemist (“alkemisti” in Slovenian), we are not alchemists (“alkimisti” in Slovenian) trying to use magical means to gain a fortune. We are people and a company that build communication bridges through dedicated work in order to facilitate communication between people from all over the world.