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Alkemist foundation


The campaigns listed below have helped make a difference in the lives of children and people in need through financial and other donations that come from the heart.

Washing machines in Železniki
The first campaign was carried out in Železniki. We gave new washing machines to five families who suffered from an earthquake.

With Rožmarinke at the Bodi boter otroku (Be a Godfather to a Child) charity concert, 7 March 2010
On Sunday, 7 March 2010, Rožmarinke organised a charity concert at the Ljubljana Festival Hall to mark their 15th anniversary of operation. All proceeds raised went to the Malči Belič Youth Home. Alkemist Translation Company was also among the supporters.

Alkemist supports children’s 2009 Extempore Event, 14 May 2009

On World Museum Day, primary and secondary school students from the Dobrepolje, Grosuplje and Ivančna Gorica municipalities gathered on the green field outside the primary school in Dobrepolje for the traditional children’s extempore event. There, they built a large structure using willow twigs. In the sunny morning, the structure gradually grew, built from willow twigs that the children cleared of leaves by themselves to form the standing frame of their eco-cottage. When the house becomes green in the future, it shall provide shelter for the children of Dobrepolje. Perhaps the children’s and students’ enthusiasm will once be the catalyst for the construction of similar structures elsewhere, and this is something the people here at Alkemist also want and encourage.

Gift funds donated to the children of the Malči Belič Youth Home, 16 December 2009
Alkemist Translation Company decided to spend its gift budget for business partners and colleagues by taking 50 children from the Malči Belič Youth Home to the Atlantis Water Park, where they spent a pleasant winter afternoon laughing and swimming. After their water adventure, the children joined in the celebration of the Alkemist Foundation’s birthday and had cake that brought smiles to their faces and ours.

Alkemist for Pinocchio’s children, 24 December 2009
Early on a winter morning, we surprised the children of the renovated Ostržek (Pinocchio) kindergarten in Novo mesto. To the little ones from the Piščančki (Chicks) group, we gave 53 picture books and several educational toys, through which they will be able to discover the magical world of fairytales and learn something new every day.