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Who’s who?



Saša Gorše, Director
sasa.gorse@alkemist.si +386 (0) 40-93-77-77

Already during her studies at the College of Entrepreneurship (Gea College), Ms. Gorše encountered a variety of languages and cultures.
Her studies at Scuola di Amministrazione Aziendale in Torino, Italy and at Joenkoeping International Business School in Sweden not only added new language skills to her portfolio of experience but also allowed her an in-depth view into the international cultural environment of business. Her initial work experience came as a translator for business meetings, organiser of the conference “Slovenia in Sweden”, and through participation at various events in Slovenia as project coordinator for a number of marketing agencies and representative of the company TUI AG, Switzerland in Greece and Egypt.

Nina Smolar, assistant translation project manager
narocila@alkemist.si +386 (0) 40-77-77-53

It is Nina's fascination with foreign cultures that has always motivated her to learn foreign languages and led her into the lecture halls for translators at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana. She carries out her work with precision and responsibility, and her job at Alkemist is to help organise translation projects.

Igor Gorše, Head of Interpretation Department
igor.gorse@alkemist.si +386 (0) 40-77-77-51

Igor is an expert in the technical implementation of simultaneous interpreting. He has been interested in technology, precision engineering and electronics since childhood. The former police officer is now exactly where he wants to be – surrounded by wires and various pieces of equipment.

Luka Vučkovič, public relations
luka.vuckovic@alkemist.si +386 (0) 59-07-32-76

Luka developed a passion for creative writing early in life. During his student years, he worked towards a degree in media studies, explored a variety of modes of expression and became familiar with the world of printed, radio and online media and their inevitable interaction.

Esther Košir, administration
administracija@alkemist.si +386 (0) 59-07-32-74

Esther graduated at the Faculty of Arts in Ljubljana and soon after completing her studies started working at a prominent multinational food company as the head of its translation department. Her career continued to overlap with translation as she became the head of translation services, responsible for smooth work processes and in charge of project implementation. She also passed on her passion for languages to schoolchildren before joining the Alkemist team.


Unfortunately, there is too little room for us to present the entire team of the Alkemist Translation Company.

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