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Are you expecting an international visit? Are you going to a negotiation with a customer who doesn’t speak your language? Are you organising an international conference or an international education event?

In addition to translation, we also offer all oral translation (interpretation) services in 110 languages. We provide all types of interpretation services:

  • simultaneous,
  • consecutive,
  • whispered,
  • sign.

We provide interpretation services for business meetings, seminars, press conferences and state protocol events.

We also provide the necessary simultaneous interpretation equipment (headphones, booths, sound system, etc.).

Our interpreters can accompany you to your business meeting abroad. Our interpreters are available in 19 European countries.

We provide interpretation services for various events:

  • conferences
  • symposiums
  • trainings
  • annual general assemblies
  • press conferences
  • negotiations
  • international meetings
Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting takes place in booths, with the listeners receiving the translations via their wireless headphones. Interpreting always requires two interpreters, who take turns every 15 to 20 minutes to interpret at the same time as the speaker, in accordance with interpretation standards.

Consecutive interpreting

With this type of interpreting, the interpreter is located next to the speaker and translates individual sets after the speaker is done speaking. If the translation is intended for only one or two persons in the room, the interpreter sits next to the listeners and whispers the translations to them.

Sign interpreting

Sign interpreting is a special service that we provide – interpretation using sign language.

For additional information on interpretation services, please contact Igor Gorše, project manager for interpretation projects, and he will prepare you a non-binding informative quote with special discounts that is in accordance with the particularities of your event. Call us at our phone number +386 1 514 16 78 or write to us at info@alkemist.si and we will be happy to help you organise a multi-language event.