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Consecutive interpreting


Alkemist’s interpreter at a Brian Tracy seminar

In consecutive interpreting, the interpreter stands next to the speaker and translates individual sets after the speaker is done talking. Excellent short-term memory, ability to take notes rapidly using special interpretation signs, and exceptional rhetorical skills are all essential qualities for a consecutive interpreter. They must also be confident public speakers, because they usually stand next to the speaker onstage in front of an audience.

Whispered interpreting is sometimes enough. If the translation is intended for only one or two persons in the room, the interpreter sits next to the listeners whispering the translation to them.

Since the interpreter stands/sits next to the speaker/listener, no interpretation equipment is needed. Upon your request, we can still provide microphones, the sound system, and other listening accessories. 

We provide turnkey interpreting and equipment solutions, which means that you can let us take care of any problems.We are also open to any special event requests and requirements, e.g. audio and video recording at the event.

Are you ordering consecutive interpreting for the first time?

If you need any further information, please contact Igor Gorše, Head of the Interpretation Department, at our phone number +386 1 514 16 78 or write to info@alkemist.si for advice on the type and method of interpreting that would best suit your needs and for a non-binding informative quote with special discounts.