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Simultaneous interpretation equipment


We are the only Slovenian translation company with its own technical equipment and simultaneous interpreters (without any intermediaries), which is why we can offer top-level service at an unmatched price.

Simultaneous interpretation requires special technical equipment. Alkemist offers rental of the following brand new and state-of-the-art simultaneous interpretation equipment:

Audipack 9300 interpretation booths

The booths are soundproof in order to prevent external factors from interrupting the interpreters’ work, which means they can dedicate their full attention to the speaker on the stage. Audipack booths are ISO 4043 compliant. They accommodate two or three interpreters.

Dimensions: 1,600 mm (length) x 1,600 mm (width) x 2,000 mm (height).

32-channel pocket receiver

The pocket receiver is very simple to use and ensures quality reception.
It can be used with one or two headphones.

The IR transmitter system enables the free movement of participants. The system design is based on new digital technology, eliminating interference from interfering elements such as lighting, etc.

Sound system

The EONA-ADR audio sound system allows for quality sound reproduction to each event participant; it is complemented by the SHURE microphone system.

BOSCH discussion units

Discussion units with fixed microphones enable participants to speak, submit a request to speak and listen to the speaker at the same time. The neck of the microphone is adjustable, the unit has a headphone jack, and the translation channel is selectable.

If you are organising an event that will include simultaneous interpretation, then you know how important it is for everything to run smoothly, without any technical difficulties, organisational delays and problems for the listeners. Let our experienced staff take care of ensuring the flawless functioning of technical equipment using the INTEGRUS digital system, which is used at every event.

For more information, please call Igor Gorše, Head of the Interpretation Department, at our phone number +386 1 514 16 78, and we will prepare a comprehensive interpretation quote for you.