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Interpretation prices


Interpreting is a complex process, and its price is subject to a number of factors. Its price depends on the type of interpreting (simultaneous or consecutive) and on the number of language combinations.

With simultaneous interpreting, you need equipment and two interpreters, even if there will be only one language combination. For consecutive interpreting, it is usually enough to have just one interpreter. No equipment is needed, because interpreting is done “live”.

Despite this however, we have provided an informative price list, which can be used to get a general sense of the price. For a detailed estimate, please contact Igor Gorše, our interpretation project manager, at our phone number +386 1 514 16 78 or write to us at info@alkemist.si, and we will prepare you a non-binding informative quote with special discounts.

Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation prices:

1 hour of interpreting (Slovenian)

121,78 €

1 hour of interpreting (foreign language)

132,36 €

Rapid interpreting* (1 hour, 1 interpreter) plus 25% €
Mini interpreting** (1 hour, 1 interpreter) plus 50% €

Simultaneous interpretation equipment rental

The price for simultaneous interpretation equipment rental depends on the event. It is subject to:

  • the number of listeners who need headphones,
  • the number of language combinations (each language combination requires its own booth with two interpreters that take turns every 15 to 20 minutes),
  • the size of the room that needs to be equipped with a sound system,
  • the number of speakers who need microphones or discussion units,
  • the duration of the event (how many hours of interpreting and how many hours of standby),
  • the number of technicians, which depends on the number of language combinations (two are needed for more than two language combinations).

Optional: hostess for distributing and collecting headphones.

We provide turnkey interpreting and equipment solutions, which means that you can let us take care of any problems. Our technical staff is present at each event to make sure that everything runs flawlessly.

For any questions, price estimates, rentals or advice on selecting equipment, please contact Igor Gorše, the head of the Interpretation Department, at our phone number +386 1 514  16 78 or write to us at info@alkemist.si.

* For orders placed less than 48 hours before the start of the interpreting event.
** For interpreting that is less than two hours long.