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Simultaneous interpreting


In addition to translation, proofreading, certified translation and desktop publishing, Alkemist Translation Company offers simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services for events. This section deals only with simultaneous interpreting. You can read more about text translations, proofreading, certified translations, desktop publishing, and consecutive interpretation on other pages of our website.

Simultaneous interpreting takes place in interpretation booths, with the listeners receiving the translations via wireless headphones. Simultaneous interpreting is mentally very demanding and requires several years of experience in interpreting, exceptional concentration and the ability to multitask, because the interpreter must listen, interpret, make notes and use the correct terminology all at the same time. That is why simultaneous interpreting requires two interpreters, who take turns every 15 to 20 minutes and translate at the same time as the speaker speaks. This ensures an uninterrupted flow of interpreting, and the interpreter can thus remain focused and provide quality interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation requires simultaneous interpretation equipment – interpretation booths, headphones, sound systems, etc., because the nature of the events is such that the speaker needs to be heard by several people at the same time. The equipment for a comprehensive implementation of simultaneous interpreting will be set up by our technician, who will be present at your location at all times in order to free you from having to worry about any technical issues.


Are you ordering simultaneous interpreting for the first time?

Please call Igor Gorše, Head of the Interpretation Department, at our phone number +386 1 514 16 78 or write to info@alkemist.si for advice on the type and method of interpreting that would best suit your needs. At the same time, he will prepare you a non-binding informative quote with special discounts on the basis of the particularities of your event. If you order both interpreting and equipment, you will be eligible to hire our equipment at a promotional price!