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Reference projects


Event title: Healthcare of Children
Client: The Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia
Service Provider: Alkemist Translation Company

Brdo pri Kranju sees the gathering of eminent guests and participants at the international conference entitled Healthcare of Children. The audience is first addressed by Dr Zdenka Čebasek – Travnik, the Human Rights Ombudsman of the Republic of Slovenia. There are smiles on the participants’ faces. The participants understand each other.

How is this possible? The client has provided simultaneous interpretation of the event into three languages. Simultaneous interpretation is done within the interpretation booths, allowing the participants to hear the translation over their headphones and portable receivers. Interpreting a language combination always requires two interpreters, who take turns every 15 to 20 minutes in accordance with interpretation standards. The technical personnel of the Alkemist Translation Company have equipped the hall with loudspeakers and the most advanced simultaneous interpretation technical equipment available. The European Community has prescribed high standards and requirements for this field. The Audipack soundproof interpretation booths are made in compliance with the ISO 4043 standard. They were the reason why participants heard Alkemist’s interpreters in the three interpretation booths only through their headphones.

The area where the interpretation was carried out was equipped with loudspeakers and microphones, with the technical personnel constantly making sure that everything runs smoothly throughout the entire meeting. There were six interpreters in the booths for the Slovenian-English, English-Croatian and Slovenian-Croatian language combinations. After two days of interpretation, the interpreters and participants said their farewells to one another with smiles on their faces. The speakers’ words and intended meanings were therefore properly conveyed by the interpreters to the listeners – the most important aspect of interpretation.

It was again proven that speakers sound only as good and convincing as the interpreters in the booths.

Dnevnik, d. d.
Service Provider: Alkemist Translation Company

Within the framework of Slovenia’s EU Presidency, Dnevnik published the 2008 European Cities Supplement, which was translated into English, German and French by Alkemist. The supplement had a print run of 85,000 copies and was delivered to all prime ministers and other EU officials. We are delighted that of all of the translation companies out there, it was us who were charged with such a meaningful project.

The supplement accompanied Slovenia’s EU Presidency of 2008. It was published just before the meeting of all mayors of all EU capitals that took place in Ljubljana between 8 and 9 May 2008. Dnevnik’s readers received 94 pages describing the capitals’ atmosphere and the countries’ economic, demographic and geographic characteristics as well as interviews with the mayors.

The picturesque description of the journey through the European cities did not reach only Slovenian readers, but also EU Member States’ top-level officials and ambassadors.

We accepted the invitation to participate in a project of that enormous scale aware of the great responsibility it entailed and recognising that it was both a challenge and a great honour.

Client: Merkur, d. d.
Service Provider: Alkemist Translation Company

Our business partner from Merkur approached us with a complex translation task. Each year, the customer needs an extremely long quality tool catalogue translated into multiple languages. The catalogue consists of 1500 small print pages.

The client’s requirements: translations had to be done quickly and within specific deadlines; they had to be terminologically correct; the translation files were in XML format and had to retain their formatting due to automatic processing; use of Trados was mandatory; work had to be organised according to a custom technological project management process.

Alkemist took on the job knowing it would be a great challenge and is now carrying out the demanding task of translating the text into Slovenian and Croatian for the third consecutive year. For this project, we have gathered a team of our most experienced translators and proofreaders, who work as a team, using shared terminological databases. The project is supervised by a specially trained project manager.