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With its many years of experience in the translation industry, the Alkemist Translation Company offers you the entire spectrum of translation services. We translate technical, literary and business texts into 110 languages. Our range of services includes:

  • written translations
  • proofreading
  • translations and certification of translations
  • consecutive and simultaneous interpretation
  • simultaneous interpretation equipment rental
  • DTP for texts including prepress (we specialise in instructions for use)

In the past year, we have translated over 50,000 pages of various texts for our customers. Every month, we carry out over 500 translation projects. The types of texts we translate most often are listed below:

With our international network of 577 translators in 81 countries, we can offer you translation services for all types of texts into 110 languages.

All of our translations include a free review and proofreading by a native speaker of the respective language who adapts the text according to the specific cultural and business features of the environment where the translated text will be used.

On the following pages, you can read more about our services and special discounts that we offer to our loyal and new customers.

For information and to order, please call our phone number at +386  1 514 16 78 or email your text to info@alkemist.si, and within minutes, one of our project managers will prepare you a non-binding quote with a special discount.

If you want an estimate for your text immediately, refer to our informative Translation and Interpretation Price List, which is for orientation purposes only. For detailed information, please call us at the above phone number +386  1 514 16 78.