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Certified translations


Court interpretation and certified text translations are done by translators sworn in by the Ministry of Justice who guarantee with their statement, stamp and signature that the translation is identical to the original. The presence of a court interpreter is required in government institutions and ministries for contract signings, weddings and similar events.

Certified translations are stamped by the court interpreter and bound with a string to the original, certified copy or regular copy. Court interpreters always enclose their statement of translation accuracy and interpreter details to the original text and their translation.  Such translations are considered official documents and may be used in government offices in Slovenia and internationally. Translations for the Alkemist Translation Company are done by translators and court interpreters with knowledge of not only the language, but also of other fields, serving as a guarantee for quality translations of texts containing specific jargon.

These are the document types for which certified translations are most often needed:

  • certified translations of academic certificates,
  • certified translations of birth certificates,
  • certified translations of Police Clearance Certificates,
  • certified translations of police reports,
  • certified translations of marital status certificates,
  • certified translations of medical reports,
  • certified translations of contracts,
  • certified translations of certificates,
  • certified translations of register extracts,
  • certified translations of powers of attorneys,
  • certified translations of passports,
  • certified translations of diplomas, etc.

 Your certified translation will be delivered to your address at no additional fees!

For information on court interpretation and certified translations, please call our phone number at +386 1 514 16 78 or email us at info@alkemist.si. Our project managers will be happy to prepare a quote for you that will meet your needs and expectations.