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If you wish to ensure the compliance of your text in terms of accuracy and style, entrust it to our proofreaders, who are each native speakers of the respective language. Each translation order you place with our company includes free proofreading by a native speaker, who will adapt the text according to the cultural and business characteristics of the environment where the translated text will be used.

Translating and proofreading are both done only by people with the necessary language qualifications. Proofreaders read the text and correct it in terms of grammar, spelling and style. Because proofreaders are not influenced by the original text, they will correct any unclear and conflicting ideas that might have been included in your text by accident. Our proofreaders are native speakers of the respective language and possess the necessary qualifications for proofreading all types of texts.

We offer favourable prices for the following:

  • Proofreading of diploma and master’s theses
  • Proofreading of doctoral dissertations
  • Proofreading of medical texts
  • Proofreading of legal texts
  • Proofreading of business texts
  • Proofreading of literary texts
  • Proofreading of texts from other technical fields
If you also order our translation service, you get proofreading for free! If you only need proofreading, the prices range from €4 to €10.

For further information and to order our proofreading service, please call our phone number at +386 1 514 16 78 or email your text to info@alkemist.si, and within minutes, we will prepare a non-binding informative quote for you.